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If you’re looking for everything Playstation, you’ve come to the right place. Digital Trends offers the latest news, reviews, and guides to help you navigate the epic PlayStation universe. Whether you’re looking for information on the PS5 or just some suggestions to play on your old PS4, we’ve got you covered.

father and son playing video games

Best gaming console deals: cheapest prices on PS5, Xbox S and X and Switch

We've collected the best prices on every console of this generation, from the disc-free PS5 to Xbox Series X to the Switch Lite. Here's how to save on gaming deals.
A scene from Helldiver 2's opening cutscene.

Do you need a PSN account to play Helldivers 2?

A soldier in silhouette in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 just showed the highs and lows of live service in one chaotic weekend

A person plays Crash Bandicoot using a PS5 DualSense controller.

The best games on PlayStation Plus, Extra, and Premium

A Helldivers 2 player fires a laser canon.

Helldivers 2 PC players are furious over this controversial change

Three phone screens with the PlayStation Stars app.

If you’re not using PlayStation Stars, you’re missing out

The main character of Tales of Kenzera: Zau stands with two elemental items.

3 underrated PS Plus games you should play this weekend (May 3-5)

A PS5 sits on a table.

Sony PlayStation 5 review: slimmer model makes a great console better

A screenshot of VR game Half-Life Alyx.

The best VR games

A player fishes in their local pond.

When is Stardew Valley 1.6 coming to consoles?

EVE stares at an enemy in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade review: PS5 exclusive’s beauty is only skin deep

Shadow of erdtree

All upcoming PS5 games: 2024 and beyond

Another Crab's Treasure

The best Stowaways in Another Crab’s Treasure

Stowaways are an immensely important part of your loadout in Another Crab's Treasure, so we've listed the ones we think are the best in most situations.

How to respec in Another Crab’s Treasure

There are a lot of skills to purchase in Another Crab's Treasure, and you may decide you'd like to reallocate them throughout your adventure. Here's how.
Stardew Valley Multiplayer Fishing

Is Stardew Valley cross-platform?

The recent trend of games getting cross-platform support seems like a natural fit for Stardew Valley. But does the game offer it?
The cover art for Minecraft.

Is Minecraft cross-platform?

If you're curious if you can play one of the world's most popular games online with friends on another platform, we've got the answer for you right here.
Malenia in Elden Ring putting her prosthetic arm on.

Don’t miss this massive PS5 game sale — 68 games, from just $10

Expand your PlayStation 5 collection with Best Buy's PS5 game sale, which has dozens of discounted titles across all genres with prices that start at just $10.
A PS5 standing on a table, with purple lights around it.

PS5 Pro: news, rumored release date, price, and specs

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and there's been a lot of smoke about a PS5 Pro for the past few months. Here are all the rumors so far about this system.
Kril has a gun

How to get a gun in Another Crab’s Treasure

Another Crab's Treasure may look like a calm and friendly sea adventure, but it's actually quite difficult. However, it's certainly nothing a gun can't fix.
A person plays Crash Bandicoot using a PS5 DualSense controller.

Best PS5 deals: Console bundles, top games, and accessories

The PlayStation 5 is an awesome console, with tons of great exclusive games and some cool accessories. Here are all the best PS5 deals we could find.
Kril with a coconut shell

How to unlock fast travel in Another Crab’s Treasure

You can teleport between different resting spots in Another Crab's Treasure, but you'll need to advance the story a bit to unlock this feature. Here's how.
A 2TB WD Black

Best PS5 SSD deals: Add more storage to your PS5 from $120

We've picked out all the best PS5 SSD deals so you can easily expand your console's storage with minimal hassle.
Another Crab's Treasure

The best skills to buy first in Another Crab’s Treasure

There are a lot of different skills to choose from in Another Crab's Treasure, but these are our picks for the ones we think you should purchase first.
Best PS Plus deals

Best PlayStation Plus Deals: Save on Essential, Plus and Premium

If you have a PlayStation, then you need PS Plus. Here are a few PS Plus deals that will have you playing online and enjoying free monthly games right away.

Best video game deals: PlayStation 5, Xbox S and X, Nintendo Switch

If you're looking for video game deals for the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, here are some of the best video games across various retailers.
sony reveals customizable ps5 dualsense edge controller front and back

PlayStation 6: release date speculation, price, specs, and more

While we don't know when or how the PlayStation 6 will appear, it is almost a certainty that it will. Rumors are already churning about it, so let's dive in.

How to unlock the Invoker in Remnant 2

Remnant 2's second DLC is overflowing with plenty of fresh content to discover, including a new archetype that you absolutely won't want to miss.
A sand creature jumps at a jeep in Sand Land.

Sand Land review: faithful manga adaptation runs out of gas

Sand Land leverages good sidequests and entertaining vehicle combat to keep a faithful but otherwise boilerplate video game adaptation engaging.

How to start The Forgotten Kingdom DLC in Remnant 2

The Forgotten Kingdom DLC is the second big addition to Remnant 2, and it brings a huge helping of new things to discover. Here's how to access the DLC.
A PSVR2 headset on a sky-blue background.

The most common PSVR 2 problems and how to fix them

Despite being an incredible piece of hardware, the PSVR is still plagued with issues. This list features some of the most common problems and how to fix them.
Three colorful PS5s float together in a line.

PlayStation has a secret weapon up its sleeve: the Hero Project

With the industry looking less certain than ever, PlayStation's Hero Project is secretly its smartest investment.
AMD CEO Lisa Su holding an APU chip.

How a rumored CPU might embarrass the PS5

Rumors about AMD's upcoming integrated graphics are starting to take shape, and they could be mighty impressive.
Rising Tide DLC

How to start the Rising Tide DLC in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 already offers a sprawling world to explore right out of the gate, but The Rising Tide DLC adds even more to this expansive and thrilling tale.
Riding in a boat with Kapp'n in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The best cozy games

Cozy games have opened up a new world for both novice and veteran gamers. They offer a more relaxed approach to play than ever before. Here are the best ones.

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