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This BLUETTI portable power station is truly weatherproof

Man using BLUETTI AC240 portable power station while camping to cook

It seems like we’re covering a new BLUETTI launch here at Digital Trends every month, but that’s okay. Thanks to the brand’s excellent products, innovative advancements, and great features, people all over can access reliable power. Its latest launch, the BLUETTI AC240, is an IP65-rated weatherproof portable power station that delivers a comprehensive energy solution for outdoor enthusiasts, first responders, and beyond. Protected against dust, water, and elements, this expandable station creates an uninterrupted power source in any environment at any time. Moreover, it empowers users to stay connected, even with power-hungry devices, to tackle demanding tasks regardless of the current weather, environment, or location. Right now, you can save big by taking advantage of Early Bird pricing.

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Why you should buy the BLUETTI AC240 all-weather portable power station

BLUETTI AC240 IP65 portable power station used with RV

Imagine for a moment that you’re camping with your family, hiking through the great outdoors, or even taking a long, scenic road trip through the countryside. In all of these situations, even when you’re off-grid, you’ll still need reliable access to power to charge your phone and tablet(s) and power up other electronics — like a coffee maker when you wake up in the morning. Of course, power stations and power outlets don’t exist randomly out in the wild. You could use your vehicle, but that will drain the battery and, in some cases, still won’t provide enough power for what you want to do. Cue the BLUETTI AC240 portable power station and devices like it.

These highly capable solutions provide the right amount of power you need, whether charging your smartphone to use the GPS or powering up a small appliance to prepare your dinner. But the real versatility is that they can be used virtually anywhere, even at home. You don’t have to be off-grid or traveling the wild to make the most of a power station. They also come in handy during power outages, inclement weather events, and when you need access to electricity but don’t have it. For example, you can use the BLUETTI AC240 to power speakers and other electronics in your backyard during a barbecue or social gathering. First responders can use them similarly in the field to power radios, communication and tracking tech, computers, and any equipment they might need to complete their mission.

BLUETTI’s AC240 has been explicitly designed to cater to the needs of outdoorsfolk. The IP65 dust and water-resistant design means you don’t have to worry about it, rain or shine. Moreover, it offers 2,400 watts of AC output and 3,600 watts in Power Lifting mode for 1,536 watt-hours of use on a single charge.  Even better, you can expand its capacity up to 10,136 watt-hours with four B210 extra batteries. That modularity means you can extend its usability anytime or even leave some of those batteries at home when you’d rather opt for more portability.

A 1,200-watt max solar input allows you to charge the AC240 completely via solar energy. Meanwhile, it also acts as a seamless UPS (uninterruptible power supply) at home, kicking on in 15ms or less during an outage. As if that wasn’t enough, you can control and monitor the entire system via BLUETTI’s mobile app over Bluetooth and WiFi — whatever’s available where you are.

BLUETTI’S AC240 is an incredible way to ensure you have power everywhere. Thanks to its IP65 rating with dust and water resistance, you never have to worry about where that somewhere is, even if it’s outside and in bad weather. You deserve to be able to keep the power on wherever you go.

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