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Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Senior Mobile Writer

Andy is a Senior Writer at Digital Trends, where he concentrates on mobile technology, a subject he has written about for almost a decade. During that time he has seen the evolution from 2G to 5G, reviewed dozens of smartphones, worn dozens of smartwatches (not at the same time), and visited many manufacturers and events all over the world. A multi-year veteran of Mobile World Congress, CES, IFA, and Baselworld trade shows, Andy always has a strong opinion on the mobile industry, and is excited about its future.

Someone using the new M4 iPad Pro with a creator app.

I don’t think Apple wants me to buy the new iPad Pro

I want the new 2024 iPad Pro, specifically the 13-inch version, but Apple's event showed me how I'd never get close to tapping into its ability.
The back of the Google Pixel Tablet.

Google has no idea what it’s doing with the Pixel Tablet

To cut the price of the Pixel Tablet, Google has changed the one good thing about it, proving it really doesn't have a plan to make the tablet desirable.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A35, showing the back of the phone.

I reviewed Samsung’s $400 budget phone, and I’m impressed

The Samsung Galaxy A35 isn't as glitzy as the Galaxy S24, but during our review, we've discovered it is a better buy than another more expensive Samsung phone.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

This is one of the toughest smartphone camera comparisons I’ve ever done

Which Ultra Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, has the best camera? I found out in this massive, in-depth comparison.
A person holding the OnePlus 12.

How one special feature changed my smartphone photos forever

It's an easily ignored feature, but the OnePlus 12's Master Mode is way more than just another Pro camera mode — and using it has changed my photos forever.
Apps on the Apple Watch Series 9's screen.

I keep forgetting about the Apple Watch Series 9’s coolest feature

I love the Apple Watch Series 9, and have recently found a new favorite band for it. But I have also discovered there's a cool feature I don't use often enough.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55.

Something odd is happening with Samsung’s two new budget phones

It's hard to tell the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 apart, but having now used both, one is pulling ahead of the other in the which is best race.
A press image of the OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue edition.

OnePlus surprises us with dazzling Android tablet and smartwatch

OnePlus has surprised us by announcing a wider release for its OnePlus Pad Go Android tablet and a special edition of the OnePlus Watch 2 smartwatch.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A55.

I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy A55. It didn’t go as expected

My time with the Samsung Galaxy A55 didn't get off to the best start and I worried about it. Did things change for the better? Here's the whole story.
The back of the Tecno Camon 30 Premier.

The camera on this Android phone is confusing, but I love it

The Tecno Camon 30 Premier's camera suffers from an overload of tech speak, so take a look at what happened after we let the camera speak for itself.
A person holding the Anker MagGo Power Bank.

3 reasons why I’ll actually use Anker’s new iPhone power bank

I don't want to carry a power bank around with me, but if I must, then it needs to be useful and versatile. Does Anker's MagGo Power Bank fit the bill?
The Anker Soundcore Sleep A20 next to a sleep mask.

I reviewed a pair of tiny earbuds that helped me sleep better

Trouble sleeping? The tiny, sleep-friendly Anker Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds could help. We've tried them out.
A person wearing the Alphabeats headband.

This crazy headband uses music and brainwaves to make you a better athlete

The Alphabeats headband combines your choice of music with an EEG brainwave readout to help train your brain to function in its optimal state.
OuttaFocus Ghost Photo Promotional Image

I think I took a photo of a ghost with my smartphone

I managed to take three photos with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra of something so unearthly, so weird that it sent shivers down my spine. But what actually was it?
A person holding the OnePlus 12.

The OnePlus 12 is the OnePlus phone I’ve been waiting for

Logistics and timing meant I had to wait before I could use the OnePlus 12, but it turns out this great Android phone was worth it.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A55.

I have Samsung’s newest cheap phone, and I’m a bit worried

I've got the new Samsung Galaxy A55 in my hand, ready for review. Even at this stage, there are some things that need to be said about it.
A person wearing the Oura Ring smart ring.

The Oura Ring has a hidden mode that every other wearable needs

Forget tracking mountain climbs and downhill skiing, the Oura Ring has an automatic activity tracking mode that's way more relevant to people — housework.
The Google Pixel Tablet showing a photo as wallpaper.

I’ve finally given up on the Google Pixel Tablet

I have been trying to do more with the Google Pixel Tablet, but I really shouldn't have been, so I've given up making it something it's not.
A person wearing the Xiaomi Watch S3 with yellow strap and bezel.

I wore a smartwatch that’s unlike any you’ve seen before

The Xiaomi Watch S3 looks like a normal smartwatch at first glance. However, it has a cool design feature unlike anything else out there.
A person taking a photo with the Google Pixel 8.

Google Pixel 8 review: better than the Pixel 8 Pro?

The case for choosing the Google Pixel 8 over the Pixel 8 Pro is stronger than ever, as its camera, battery, and software all impress in our review.
A person holding the Punkt MC02.

This Android phone is so bad I couldn’t review it

I really tried to get to the point where the Punkt MC02 was ready for everyday use, but I simply couldn't get past its many faults. Let me explain why.
The side of the Oura Ring Horizon.

Here’s how you can try new Oura Ring features before anyone else

Oura has introduced Oura Labs, a way to try out new smart ring features earlier than others, and even participate in research too.
A person wearing the Withings ScanWatch 2.

I reviewed the Withings ScanWatch 2. It isn’t like other smartwatches

The Withings ScanWatch 2 hybrid smartwatch has the right look, but does it have the tech covered too? We find out in our review.
Promotional image for OuttaFocus. A person holding the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, with the Photography Kit fitted.

I turned my phone into a camera, and I don’t want to go back

What happens when you take one of 2024's best smartphone cameras and add a wild photography accessory to it? Something incredible, that's what.
The OnePlus 12R lying on a book with its screen turned on.

The best cheap phones in 2024: our 9 favorites for tight budgets

Here are the best cheap phones for those on a tight budget. Find out what you can get for around $500 or less as we highlight the best budget smartphones.
The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's rear panels.

iOS 18 could make my iPhone look like Android, and I hate it

Rumors suggest iOS 18 will provide more home screen customization for the iPhone, just like Android, and I am worried about the repercussions this may have.
The Google Pixel 8 on a table.

Your Google Pixel 8 is getting this cool missing feature after all

Google's Gemini Nano AI is coming to the Pixel 8 after all, despite Google saying the phone wasn't able to run it. Here's all the good news.
A person taking the Xiaomi 14 Ultra out of a pocket.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has the best smartphone camera I’ve ever used

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has one of the very best cameras I've ever used, but does the rest of the phone stack up to it? We find out in our review.
A person wearing the Withings ScanWatch 2.

I revisited the Withings ScanWatch 2, and it didn’t go well

After returning to the Withings ScanWatch 2, I was left with the thought that a different type of wearable may be the better purchase. Here's why.
A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 9, showing the Snoopy watch face

Why you shouldn’t buy these 5 Apple Watch Series 9 alternatives

The Apple Watch Series 9 is the best smartwatch for your iPhone. Here's why you should buy it instead of these other wearables.
A person holding the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

I just got one of 2024’s most interesting phones. Here are 5 things I can’t wait to try

I'm reviewing the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, one of the most interesting phones to come out this year, and these are the five things I can't wait to try with it.
A promotional image showing the Wizpr ring.

This smart ring has a feature you would never expect

Smart rings usually track sleep and activity, but this smart ring lets you whisper to your choice of AI assistant. Seriously.
Words displayed on an iPhone's screen in the Notes app, with the keyboard below them.

My iPhone’s keyboard is driving me crazy

One, simple, three-letter word is causing me problems on my iPhone. And it's driving me crazy.
A person holding the Nuu B30 Pro.

I thought I’d hate this cheap Android phone. It proved me wrong

I wasn't expecting much from the Nuu B30 Pro before I got it out the box, but once it was in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised. Here's what you get for $300.