groovyPost Writing Staff

Brian Burgess | Twitter

Based in the rural sticks of MN, Brian Burgess is a gP Senior Editor. Brian has been writing tech for over ten years for sites including HTG, BYTE, InformationWeek.

Andre Da Costa | Twitter

Based on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, Andre is a Senior Writer for gP. Andre is also a Microsoft MVP since 2010 and a certified computer technician and has written for publications such as and

Austin Krause | Twitter

Based in Washington D.C., Austin is a gP Founding Editor. He specializes in all-things-tech including tech news, reviews, and how-to galleries.

Jack Busch | Twitter

Based in Pittsburgh, Jack Busch is a gP Senior Editor and professional technical writer.


Dave Greenbaum | Twitter

Based in Kansas, Dave Greenbaum is a gP Senior Writer. He also runs his own computer repair business and has written for GigaOM and Lifehacker.


Steve Krause | Twitter | Contact

A Seattle native, Steve Krause is the founder of groovyPost LLC.

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