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Derek Malcolm

Derek Malcolm

Contributing Editor, A/V

Derek Malcolm is a Toronto-based technology journalist, editor, and content specialist whose work has appeared in publications such as Toronto Life, Canadian Business, The Globe and Mail, Business Insider, Today's Parent, and The Huffington Post. Derek has been covering the worlds of technology and entertainment for more than 20 years and is currently a Contributing Editor for the AV and Home Theater section at Digital Trends. When he's not obsessing over turntables, projectors, speakers, vintage audio gear, or what movies and shows to binge, Derek can be found at home spinning vinyl with his daughter.

Apple Music Sing on an iPhone.

How to use Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing is a new sing-along feature that turns your Apple Music app into a karaoke machine. Here's what you need to know and how to use it.
The Cast selections on the Chrome browser for playing Apple TV+ on Chromecast.

How to watch Apple TV+ on your Chromecast

Do you want to catch up on some Apple TV+ content but don't have an Apple device on your TV? Chromecast is your solution! Here's what to do.
The Apple TV+ home screen on a TV.

How to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription

Interested in canceling your Apple TV+ subscription to save money or end your free trial quickly? We'll show you exactly how to do it on multiple platforms!
Apple TV+ showing the Morning Show.

How much is Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ is a solid streaming platform, but how does its cost and overall value stack up to the streaming landscape competition? Allow us to weigh in.
The Hisense PX3-Pro Laser Cinema.

Hisense’s PX3-Pro Laser Cinema gets AI, a bigger picture, and better sound

Hisense today unveiled its latest ultra short throw projector, the PX3-Pro Laser Cinema. It boast a brighter and bigger image, plus 50 watts of built-in sound.
Event listing for Chappel Roan on Spotify, seen on an iPhone.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on any device

Is it time to part ways with your Spotify Premium account? Here’s how to cancel your Spotify subscription on your desktop PC and mobile devices.
The BenQ V5000i in a living room.

The 10 best short throw and ultra short throw projectors

Ultra short throw projectors are great for getting a big image if you don’t have the space for a standard projector. Here are some of the best available.
Close up of Sonos logo on a Sonos Arc soundbar.

The best soundbars of 2024: a sound upgrade for your TV

Everyone makes soundbars these days, but which models are truly the best? Here are several of our favorite options for 2024.
The MoGo 2 Pro projector with the lamp shining from the land.

The best projectors for 2024: from 4K to ultra short throw

Home theater projectors can deliver an awesome big-screen experience, offering some of the most impressive visuals out there. Here, we've rounded up the best.
[EMBARGO IMAGE 04/12] Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated amplifier.

Cambridge Audio’s CXA81 Mk II amplifier gets a tune-up and a sweet new DAC

Cambridge Audio announced a slightly improved version of its award-winning CXA81 integrated amplifier, called the CXA81 Mk II. It launches in May for $1,199.
Cambridge Audio CXN network streamer.

Best network music streamers 2024: make your hi-fi smarter

Adding a capable network music streamer to your audio system is the best way to bring hi-quality digital sound to your home from your streaming services.
Spotify AI Playlist logo.

Spotify’s new AI Playlist feature uses text prompts to curate playlists

Spotify announced that it is beta testing a new AI Playlist feature to Australian and UK Premium customers that uses text prompts to generate playlists.
The Soundcore Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker.

Soundcore Boom 2 review: big fat bass, skinny price, and it floats!

Want big, smooth bass you can take to the pool? The Soundcore Boom 2 is a floatable, rugged, $130 Bluetooth speaker that punches well above its weight.
The front of the Klipsch Nashville Bluetooth speaker.

Klipsch Nashville review: a rugged, backpack-ready Bluetooth speaker

The Klipsch Nashville Bluetooth speaker is a good-sounding, simple, and rugged Bluetooth speaker that will make a great addition to your summer listening.
The front grille of the BenQ V5000i UST projector.

BenQ V5000i projector review: a big UST that isn’t afraid of bright rooms

BenQ's second UST projector is a beast in size and price, but it's brightness, even in light-filled rooms, and its customization, make it worth considering.
An equalizer from eqMac.

How to master your equalizer settings for the perfect sound

EQ is so much more than the Rock preset in your Spotify app. If you want better sound, we're here to show you how to adjust it for the best experience.
An iPhone with the YouTube Music app on it.

Spotify vs. YouTube Music: so alike, but which is best for you?

With similar libraries, as well as near-identical music quality and pricing, can YouTube Music stand up to Spotify's stalwart UI and excellent music discovery?
Two kids using the Puro Sound PuroQuiet Plus to watch something on a tablet.

The best kids headphones of 2024: for fun, safety, and sound

Loaded with color, braced for impact, and packed with parental features like volume limiting, here's our roundup of the best headphones available for kids.
Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Player.

The best 4K Blu-ray players for 2024

A great 4K TV needs a capable Blu-ray player to match. Here's our list of the best players on the market, with options for both budget-shoppers and cinephiles.
The Spotify Desktop Miniplayer.

Spotify’s new Desktop Miniplayer is a godsend for multitaskers

Spotify has finally listened to the droves of users asking for a smaller, resizable miniplayer for its music and video streaming desktop app.
The 2024 Samsung-QN900D Neo QLED 8K TV.

Samsung’s 2024 Neo QLED TVs are here, and you can preorder them now from $1,200

Samsung announced pricing and availability for its lineup of 2024 Neo QLED 8K and 4K mini-LEDTVs, which can be pre-ordered starting today.
The 2024 Samsung S95D 4K OLED TV (embargoed image)

Samsung unveils pricing and preorder details for its 2024 OLED TVs

Samsung has announced pricing and availability for its much anticipated 2024 OLED TVs, the S95D and S90D. Preorders open today starting at $1,999.
Sony WF-1000XM5 in charging case with lid open, held between a finger and thumb.

Best wireless earbuds for 2024: Sony, Bose, Soundcore, and more

Looking for the best wireless earbuds, but overwhelmed by all of the choices? We've tried tons of them so you don't have to — here are the models we recommend.
A single Kanto Ora Reference Desktop Speaker laying horizontally.

Best wireless speakers for 2024: Sonos, JBL, KEF, and more

Whether by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the best wireless speakers should sound great and last a long time. Here’s a few of our favorite wire-free speakers for 2024.
Netflix Who's watching/manage profiles screen.

How much does Netflix cost? A breakdown of the streamer’s plans

Netflix has made some sweeping changes to its plans and pricing recently. Is it still worth it? Check out our guide to Netflix plans.
The Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition integrated amplifier and network streamer, with a DeLorean DMC-12 in the background.

Are you telling me Cambridge Audio built an amplifier … out of a DeLorean?

Cambridge Audio today launched its Evo 150 DeLorean Edition integrated amplifier and network streamer that pays homage to the iconic car's past and present.
Several RCA universal remotes hanging next to each other.

How to program an RCA universal remote

RCA’s lineup of universal remotes is a great alternative to spending double or triple on a first-party TV controller. Here’s how to program your new RCA.
Soundcloud Interface on a Macbook.

How to download music from SoundCloud on desktop and mobile

SoundCloud is a leading music discovery platform, but it's not always intuitive. To help you download songs from SoundCloud, we made this guide.
The Q Acoustics 5050 floorstanding speakers in oak.

Q Acoustics’ new 5050 floorstanding speakers are built to fill big rooms with sound

British speaker maker Q Acoustics today launched its new 5050 floorstanding passive speaker, which is the largest in its 5000 series speaker range.
Amazon Prime Video playing on a TV with the Subtitles menu.

How to turn off subtitles on Amazon Prime Video

Do subtitles keep popping up when you are using Amazon Prime Video? It's an annoying problem, but you can quickly turn them back off again. Here's how to do it!
Apple Music Browse screen.

How to add family members to your Apple Music subscription

A Family subscription is a great way to save money on Apple Music. Here’s how you can add family members to your Apple Music without getting a headache.
Screengrabs from Spotify's Song Psychic feature.

Spotify’s Song Psychic feature is like a Magic 8 Ball for music

Spotify's new Song Psychic feature hopes to answer some of life's burning questions while suggesting music as answers.
The 2024 LG QNED90T 4K mini-LED TV.

LG’s lineup of 2024 QNED TVs now up for preorder starting at just $850

LG announced pricing and availability for it its lineup of 2024 QNED LED and mini-LED TVs and opened them up for preorders.
The LG SG10TY soundbar.

LG’s OLED Evo-tailored soundbar is available for preorder for $800

Today LG announced that it's latest soundbar, the SG10TY that is meant to pair with its 2024 crop of OLED evo G4 TVs, is available for preorder for $800.