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Disney+ app on the iPad Air 5.

Disney Plus Free Trial: Can you stream for free in 2024?

There isn't a Disney Plus free trial -- at least not in the United States. The one-week free trial offer was suspended stateside in June 2020.
A player firing an assault rifle in Rust

Is Rust cross-platform?

Just waking up on the Rust island and feeling a little lost? You can play Rust with friends on different platforms, but the title isn't entirely cross-platform.
The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam next to a smartphone.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam vs. Ring Stick Up Cam Pro: Which is better for your home?

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro is one of the best security cameras in the Ring lineup, but how does it compare to the newer (and cheaper) Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam?
A PS5 sits on a table.

Sony PlayStation 5 review: slimmer model makes a great console better

The PS5's slimmer upgraded model makes a great console even better, with more storage and a slightly less awkward design.
The Galaxy Book4 Ultra open on a wooden suruface.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra review: it’s no MacBook Pro

Samsung attempts a true MacBook Pro competitor with the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, but does it succeed?
The screen of the Galaxy Book4 Ultra.

Scores of people are downgrading back to Windows 10

Will the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update help Microsoft boost the adoption of Windows 11?
This artist’s concept shows what the hot gas-giant exoplanet WASP-43 b could look like. WASP-43 b is a Jupiter-sized planet circling a star roughly 280 light-years away, in the constellation Sextans. The planet orbits at a distance of about 1.3 million miles (0.014 astronomical units, or AU), completing one circuit in about 19.5 hours. Because it is so close to its star, WASP-43 b is probably tidally locked: its rotation rate and orbital period are the same, such that one side faces the star at all times.

James Webb observes extremely hot exoplanet with 5,000 mph winds

Astronomers using the James Webb telescope have modeled the weather on a distant exoplanet, revealing winds whipping around at speeds of 5,000 miles per hour.
Josh Brolin in Outer Range.

3 underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in May 2024

Find hidden treasures with three underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in May 2024, which include a thriller series and a sci-fi Western.
Lucia and her partner rob a store in GTA 6.

GTA 6: release date speculation, trailer, gameplay, and more

GTA 6 finally got its first trailer in December 2023. Here's what we know about the next Grand Theft Auto right now based on leaks and rumors from experts.
Someone holding up an iPhone 14 to their ear.

How to find your phone number on iPhone or Android

Ever forget your own mobile phone number? Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android device, finding your number is easy. Here's how.
A close up of ratchet in ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.

How well do you know video games? This free game will test your knowledge

Do you know how long it takes to beat your favorite video games? This free browser game will put your knowledge to the test.
Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer sitting on a bus with a yellow coat staring forward, the image of deer ears on either side of him.

Like the Netflix hit series Baby Reindeer? Then watch these 3 great shows now

If you have become totally obsessed with Netflix's hit Baby Reindeer, stream these similar shows after you've binged Richard Gadd's acclaimed series.
A screenshot of VR game Half-Life Alyx.

The best VR games

Whichever brand of VR headset you own, you have many different choices when it comes to games. These are the best virtual reality games you can play today.
A character in XDefiant

Call of Duty competitor XDefiant is finally coming out this month

XDefiant, Ubisoft's crossover competitive shooter meant to take on the likes of Call of Duty, will finally launch later this month.
The third-generation Apple AirPods, outside of their charging case.

How to tell if your AirPods are fake. Yes, counterfeits are out there

Apple AirPods should bring you years of enjoyment. Unfortunately, counterfeit AirPods exist. Here's how you can tell if yours are legit.
Johnny and Robby Lawrence cheering in a restaurant in a scene from Cobra Kai season 5.

Everything you need to know about Cobra Kai season 6

Reenter the world of The Karate Kid as we tell you everything you need to know about Cobra Kai season 6, which will bring the hit series to an end.
Robert Pattinson in The Batman.

The Batman 2: release date, plot, cast, trailer

What's the latest word on The Batman Part II? Here's everything we know about The Batman's upcoming sequel, including the release date, plot, and cast.
A photo of the AT&T logo on a building.

AT&T now makes you pay even more for its fastest 5G speeds

AT&T customers will now have to pay extra to get the fastest data speeds on their phones. The company calls this new add-on AT&T Turbo.
Two men point guns at each other in Face/Off.

7 best Nicolas Cage sci-fi movies, ranked

What are the best Nicolas Cage sci-fi movies? We've got the answers, and we're counting down to Cage's best sci-fi movie.
A table holding a DualSense controller, a DualSense Backbone, a regular Backbone, and an Xbox Series X controller.

The best accessories to use with Delta game emulator

Delta is a nearly flawless emulator for your iPhone, but your phone itself isn't a flawless platform. Use these best accessories to make Delta shine.
Craig Federighi introducing macOS Sonoma at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023.

The 6 key things Apple must fix in the next version of macOS

Apple’s macOS 15 operating system is nearly here, and that means changes are coming. Here are six things Apple needs to fix in the next version of macOS.
The cast of Cobra Kai.

Netflix debuts first teaser trailer for Cobra Kai season 6

Cobra Kai season 6 is being split into three parts, as Netflix plans an epic finale for The Karate Kid sequel series.
Lenovo Legion 9i front view showing RGB lighting.

Gaming laptops vs. desktops: here’s how to decide which to buy in 2024

If you're torn between buying a gaming laptop or a desktop, our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed choice.
Taking a blood pressure measurement on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: news, rumored price, release date, and more

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could be arriving before the end of the year. Here's more about this possible wearable device and when it might launch.
Fubo splash screen on a TV.

What Fubo and others get wrong in their fight against new sports streamer

A number of live video distributors have sent a letter to Congress imploring the body to help them fight against an upcoming mega-sports streaming service.
Intel Core i9-13900K held between fingertips.

4 CPUs you should buy instead of the Intel Core i9-13900K

Intel's Core i9-13900K is a monster of a CPU, but recent instability concerns might make you want to consider some alternatives. Here are our favorites.
A player shoots an arrow in Orcs Must Die! 3.

What’s free on the Epic Games Store right now?

Did you know that you can snag a free game every week on the Epic Games Store? Here's what games are up for grabs this week.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

The RTX 4090 is more popular on Steam than any AMD GPU

The latest Steam hardware survey shows that Nvidia's RTX 4090 is still a popular GPU despite its insane price tag.
Saoirse Ronan and Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird (2017)

The best free movies on YouTube right now (May 2024)

YouTube offers free movies with ads for consumers to enjoy. The best movies in May 2024 include Almost Famous, Lady Bird, and Alien.
Phil Nickinson holding the Beats Solo 4 and the Beats Studio Pro headphones.

Beats headphones showdown: Solo 4 vs. Studio Pro

Beats has a couple good headphone contenders in the Beats Solo 4 and Beats Studio Pro. But which is right for you? We'll help you decide.
Lexie B2 OTC Hearing Aids in hand.

Two years later, over-the-counter hearing aids are still finding their groove

Americans have been able to buy over-the-counter hearing aids for almost two years. Have they made a difference? We ask the experts.
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Before Sunset (2004).

7 great 90-minute movies you should stream right now

From the well-written and romantic Before Sunset to the animated classic The Lion King, these 90-minute movies pack a punch despite their short runtimes.
Bose SoundLink Max in blue.

Bose has a bigger Bluetooth speaker to power your next pool party

Bose takes its popular SoundLink Flex and adds more muscle, as well as stereo sound, to create the SoundLink Max.
A Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus laying on concrete.

5 phones you should buy instead of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is a great Android phone — but so are these five alternatives.