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All Incantations and how to unlock them in Hades 2

Incantations available in Hades 2.
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You can’t have a game where you play as a witch without a massive cauldron. Hades 2 places one front and center in the Crossroads, but it isn’t just there for decorative purposes. Melinoë can use this big boiling pot of green liquid to bring new features into the game, whether it be between runs or during them, in exchange for various materials like Silver. You will only start out with a few Incantations, but doing more runs and getting further toward your goal of killing Chronos will gradually unlock more to create. There are far more than you might expect for an early access game. Here are all the Incantations and their recipes.

Every Incantation, effect, and recipe

The order in which you unlock Incantations in the menu can vary based on what you do and how you progress in Hades 2, so this list is in no particular order. Also, it is possible there are more we haven’t been able to unlock yet, so we will update this list if we discover any more or if additional ones are added during early access.

Incantation name
Recipe Effect
Fated Intervention 1 Silver, 2 Ash, 2 Moly Unlocks the Fated List that gives you rewards as you complete tasks.
Summoning of the Mercantile Fortune 10 Bones Brings a new shopkeeper called the Wretched Broker to the Crossroads who exchanges items for Bones.
Night’s Craftwork 1 Moly Lets you make tools at the Silver Pools to collect resources during runs.
Reagent Sensing 1 Moly Gives you a notification after clearing a room if there is a resource you can collect.
Kinship Fortune 60 Bones Expands the Wretched Broker’s shop selection.
Gathering of Ancient Bones 2 Limestone One of your weapons per night gets a blessing of 2 extra Boons per room.
Doomed Beckoning 3 Fate Fabric, 1 Nightshade Summons Moros to the Crossroads.
Divination of the Elements 5 Psyche Lets you see what element each Boon you have is and use infusions.
Flourishing Soil 1 Moly Creates two planting spots in the Crossroads and gives you a Nightshade Seed.
Forget-Me-Not 1 Moly Lets you tag items you want to create to remind you what you need to collect and save.
Floral Fortune 1 Ash, 1 Nightshade Lets you sell plants to the Wretched Broker for Bones.
Rich Soil 3 Lotus Creates two more planting spots to the Crossroads.
Permeation of Witching-Wards 1 Cinder, 1 Shadow, 3 Moly Unlocks an alternate path to the surface.
Rite of Vapor-Cleansing 2 Moly, 2 Lotus, 2 Nightshade Creates a hot springs in the Crossroads you can rest in with characters, as well as the ability to buy bath salts from the Wretched Broker.
Rite of Social Solidarity 2 Nectar, 2 Garlic Creates a bar in the Crossroads that you can interact with characters in.
Faith of Familiar Spirits 2 Nectar, 1 Lotus Gives you an item to create familiars.
Consecration of Ashes 6 Ash, 1 Cinder, 6 Fate Fabric Allows you to enhance your Arcana Cards at the altar.
Unraveling a Fateful Bond 2 Lotus, 2 Moss, 2 Nightshade, 2 Thalamus Removes the health drain when you get to the surface levels.
Verdant Soil 1 Wheat, 1 Garlic Creates the last two planting plots.
Abyssal Insight 2 Fate Fabric, 2 Pearl, 2 Moly, 2 Nightshade Unlocks Trials you can attempt for Star Dust.
Rite of River-Fording 4 Driftwood, 2 Cattail Adds a Fishing Pier to the Crossroads.
Aspects of Night and Darkness 5 Bronze, 1 Nightshade Unlocks Weapon Aspects and Weapon Upgrades.
Attending a Faithful Beast 1 Tears, 1 Wool, 4 Wheat Allows your Animal Familiars to work for you when left at the Crossroads.
Greater Favor of Gaia 2 Marble, 4 Bronze, 4 Iron Allows you to upgrade your Gathering Tools at the Silver Lake.
Empath’s Intuition 1 Fate Fabric, 3 Myrtle The Book of Shadows will show your relationship progress with each character.
Observance of Gaia’s Secrets 7 Moly, 7 Lotus, 7 Moss Adds a 20% chance to gain one extra resource whenever you collect one.
Rise of Stygian Wells 1 Moly, 1 Nightshade The Wells of Charon can now appear during a run so you can upgrade minor boons.
Woodsy Lifespring 3 Silver, 1 Moly Unlocks rest areas in Erebus to restore some HP.
Briny Lifespring 3 Limestone, 3 Lotus Unlocks rest areas in Oceanus to restore some HP.
Cleansing of Fountain-Waters 1 Moly, 1 Lotus All healing fountains heal 10% more.
Kindred Keepsakes 4 Limestone, 2 Moly, 1 Lotus Gives you the option to change Keepsakes after bosses.
Surge of Stygian Wells 3 Moly, 3 Cattail The Wells of Charon will now be able to appear after bosses.
Purification of Fountain-Waters 1 Nightshade, 1 Cattail All healing fountains heal 10% more.
Propensity Toward Gold 1 Lime, 1 Fate Fabric Golden urns appear on runs and drop gold when broken.
Reviving a Mournful Husk 1 Myrtle Creates Golden Boughs in the Mourning Fields that point you toward the current exit.
Necromantic Influence 5 Psyche, 5 Nightshade If you sprint through Lone Shades,you will create familiars to attack enemies.
Unearthed Troves 5 Limestone, 1 Nightshade Unlocks Infernal Troves that challenge you to defeat enemies under a time limit for gold.
Summoning a Colony of Bats 3 Moss, 3 Rubbish Unlocks the cages of All-Seeing Bats and a map to the city.
Circles of Protection 1 Moly, 1 Lotus, 1 Mandrake Unlocks Warding Circles throughout Erebus.
Rush of Fresh Air 3 Fate Fabric, 1 Wool, 2 Driftwood Unlocks Shrines of Hermes on the surface route.
Golden Lifespring 3 Marble, 3 Shaderoot Unlocks rest areas in Tartarus.
Sandy Lifespring 3 Iron, 3 Driftwoof Unlocks rest areas in the Rift of Thessaly.

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