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Jesse Lennox

Jesse Lennox

Jesse Lennox loves writing, games, and complaining about not having time to write and play games. He knows the names of more Japanese game devs than his own neighbors, and has a way better knowledge of the game industry at large than anything going on in "real" current events. You can catch him defending the plot of Kingdom Hearts and geeking out over awesome combo videos in character action games any day of the week. Connect with Jesse on LinkdIn.

Melinoe fighting under a full moon in Hades 2.

All Incantations and how to unlock them in Hades 2

Melinoë is a witch, so she can concoct some special Incantations in her cauldron. Here are all the ones we've found and how to unlock them in Hades 2.
The arcana cards menu in Hades 2.

The best Arcana Cards in Hades 2

The Arcana Cards in Hades 2 will determine your fate, but thankfully you can pick which ones you want. Here are the best ones and what effects they provide.
Hades 2 key art from its first trailer.

How to unlock all weapons in Hades 2

You are starting from scratch once again in Hades 2, but there are plenty of new weapons to unlock even in early access. Here is each of them and their cost.
Michael from Grand Theft Auto V.

All Rockstar video games: full list of developed and published games

Rockstar is known for GTA, but that's only the tip of the iceberg for this team. Here are all the games it has made, and a ranking of the best of the best.
Art for Nemesis in hades 2.

How to mine Silver in Hades 2

If you're going to get far in Hades 2, you'll need to mine for silver. But unlocking the tool to do so is a little odd — here's what you need to do.
A medieval market in Manor Lords.

How to trade in Manor Lords

Trading is essential in Manor Lords for making sure your early town has adequate supplies, but other traders will be scarce until you do a few things first.
Two squads of heroes clash in an Overwatch 2 trailer.

What is DPS in gaming?

FPS, DPS, RTS. Gaming has so many terms and acronyms it can be hard to keep them all straight. If you are confused as to what DPS means, we'll explain it all.
Melinoe standing in a stone circle.

Hades 2: release date prediction, trailers, gameplay, and more

No need to dive into the depths of the Underworld yourself looking for answers about Hades 2, as we've pulled all the information we could for you.
Emily talking to the player in Stardew Valley.

The best Stardew Valley mods

Whether you're looking to make a few tweaks to the game or want a completely new world to explore, there's a Stardew Valley mod that will suit your needs.
Nanner Ringer emote in Fortnite

Can you fix the Fortnite servers not responding error?

Server errors are never something you want to see when playing Fortnite or any other game. Is there anything you can do to solve this error and start playing?
kingdom hearts 4 nomura interview revelations 3 shibuya

Kingdom Hearts 4: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

This sequel's full picture isn't clear as of yet, but we've done our best to unlock all the secrets we can and share everything we know about Kingdom Hearts 4.
A person plays Crash Bandicoot using a PS5 DualSense controller.

The best games on PlayStation Plus, Extra, and Premium

To get the most bang for your buck, here are the best games to play on PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium.
Three phone screens with the PlayStation Stars app.

If you’re not using PlayStation Stars, you’re missing out

The PlayStation Stars program still isn't perfect two years later, but it's a hidden gem that all players should take advantage of.
An election poster for guybrush in Sea of Thieves.

How to get to Monkey Island in Sea of Thieves

Getting to Monkey Island in Sea of Thieves can feel just as difficult as the classic puzzles. Let us walk you through this tall tale to help you get your prize.
Indiana Jones standing in the jungle.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: release date window, trailers, gameplay, and more

Everyone's favorite part-time archeologist is getting the video game adaptation he deserves with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Here is everything we know.
Lucia and her partner rob a store in GTA 6.

GTA 6: release date speculation, trailer, gameplay, and more

GTA 6 finally got its first trailer in December 2023. Here's what we know about the next Grand Theft Auto right now based on leaks and rumors from experts.
A screenshot of VR game Half-Life Alyx.

The best VR games

Whichever brand of VR headset you own, you have many different choices when it comes to games. These are the best virtual reality games you can play today.
A table holding a DualSense controller, a DualSense Backbone, a regular Backbone, and an Xbox Series X controller.

The best accessories to use with Delta game emulator

Delta is a nearly flawless emulator for your iPhone, but your phone itself isn't a flawless platform. Use these best accessories to make Delta shine.
sims 4 for rent expansion pack shared living the 6

The Sims 5: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

The Sims 5 is currently being worked on under the code name Project Rene. Here's everything you need to know about your next life-sim obsession ahead of launch.
A ship sailing peacefully in Sea of Thieves.

How to sail solo in Sea of Thieves

Looking to sail the ocean blue in Sea of Thieves, but don't want to assemble a ramshackle crew of scoundrels? These tips will help you best other crews alone.

The best Sea of Thieves Easter eggs and secrets

Sea of Thieves is a beautiful world, and it's also full of secrets! Here are our favorite Easter eggs, callouts, jokes, and secrets that we've found so far.
A Minecraft armadillo near a cacti.

How to breed armadillos in Minecraft

You may not think a farm of armadillos would be useful in Minecraft, but this mob drops a valuable material if you know what to feed them to let them breed.
A humble village in Manor Lords.

How to increase your population in Manor Lords

A kingdom is only as strong as its people in Manor Lords. You start off with a handful of folks in your village, but you need to grow fast to win.
A soldier with a sniper in New Vegas.

The best Fallout New Vegas mods

Fallout New Vegas is a fan favorite, but is showing its age. To add some new life to this desert wasteland, check out the best mods the community has to offer.
Two armies clash in Manor Lords.

How to upload a custom coat of arms in Manor Lords

The banner you fly in Manor Lords should represent yourself as closely as possible. If the options provided don't do the trick, here's how to add your own.
Gameplay from Smite 2.

How to play the Smite 2 alpha test

We're finally getting Smite 2, but it isn't here just yet. If you want to play some early alpha tests, this is how to jump in.
The Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld sits on a stack of comics.

I was wrong about cloud gaming. One small setup change showed me the light

I wasn't a believer in cloud gaming when I tried it before, but a tweak to my router has turned me into a convert.
Stardew Valley Multiplayer Fishing

Is Stardew Valley cross-platform?

The recent trend of games getting cross-platform support seems like a natural fit for Stardew Valley. But does the game offer it?
is sea of thieves cross platform featured

Is Sea of Thieves cross-platform?

Sea of Thieves is all about getting a group of friends together to take to the high seas. But is Sea of Thieves cross-platform? Here's what you need to know.
A PS5 standing on a table, with purple lights around it.

PS5 Pro: news, rumored release date, price, and specs

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and there's been a lot of smoke about a PS5 Pro for the past few months. Here are all the rumors so far about this system.
is sea of thieves cross platform featured

How to add friends in Sea of Thieves

If your crew is scattered to the winds, bring them together in Sea of Thieves by inviting them to your game. Here's how you can party up with your friends.
The courier holding a gun with a welcome sign in the background in Fallout: New Vegas key art.

All console commands and cheats for Fallout: New Vegas

No one is going to play fair in the wastelands of Fallout: New Vegas, so why should you? These are all the cheats and console commands you can access on PC.
A medieval market in Manor Lords.

Is Manor Lords multiplayer or co-op?

Do you want to pit your growing army against a friend's or work together in Manor Lords? we'll let you know if the game supports multiplayer and co-op or not.
A medieval market in Manor Lords.

How to increase your approval rating in Manor Lords

Even though you're a king by right, you still need the approval of your subjects to succeed in Manor Lords. Here are the ways to increase your total rating.